Agile Transition Services – we did quite a few of these

Agile Adoption

Introduction of Agile Software Development into an organization can be challenging. Full-scale adoption is an even greater challenge. We have helped with organizational transitions in companies of all sizes.

There are two main strategies for transitioning to Agile: top-down full scale changeover and bottom-up incremental adoption. Each has its pros and cons, of course. Both require some up-front planning and preparation. Both require ongoing inspection and adaptation just like an Agile project. In fact, many organizations use an Agile/Scrum project model to manage their transition.

The ultimate goal of Agile transition is a sustainable Agile capability. The path will be different depending on your starting point:

  • A rigidly defined, heavy-weight establish process model orientation (WaterFall, RUP, CMMI, ISO)
  • An ad hoc, loosely defined or undefined process that changes for each project
  • A partial, hybrid or custom implementation of some Agile practices (“We are doing Scrum, but…”)

Regardless of your starting point, we can help you to define your own best path to a sustainable Agile capability. Some of the services we use to accomplish this are:


  • Agile product discovery workshops
  • Agile project planning workshops
  • Agile team assessment
  • Agile team mentoring


  • Readiness assessment
  • Agile informational training
  • Agile adoption planning and guidance