Agile Coaching Services – was fun and rewarding


Agile and Scrum CoachingAn Agile Coach can save you a lot of time and money when you start on the path to an Agile capability. Once your organization has established Agile as a development option, a Coach can help you to achieve further success in a number of ways. In fact, an Agile Coach’s ultimate goal is to guide a client to the point of independence.

There are a number of ways that an Agile Coach can provide value to your organization. These are summarized on the card above. You can get a more detailed description of these advantages by reading this article.

Our Coaching services include consulting, training and facilitating as described under our various service categories. Agile Crossing offers these particular advantages over some other consulting providers:

  • A Certified Scrum Coach
  • Certified Scrum TrainerĀ® training services
  • Experience with Agile adoption in several companies from 80 to 8000 developers
  • Many years of experience in software development in many technologies
  • Strong partner relationships with world-class providers

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