Here are comments from a few of our Agile coaching and training clients.

Ron at Bio-Rad after the Team Launch Workshop

From zero to Scrum in 3 days full with practical experience, theory and fun exercises.

Stephan at NetApp:

Really enjoyed the exercises and how they brought the Agile principles to life. Thank You.

Private class participant:

Highly recommend this class for all teams that plan to use this methodology. Most teams start using agile without knowing all principles and then blame the methodology. Try it before blaming it!

From a recent public class student, anonymous comment in the Day One retrospective:

It feels like you care about our training.

From a working ScrumMaster at a coaching client after our  Advanced ScrumMaster class under development:

Roger effectively teaches by example which is very appropriate for learning the Scrum process. I do recommend Roger and his class to anyone learning Agile methodology.

From the Software Manager for International Gaming Technology, Melbourne, Austrailia:

I’d just like to thank everyone involved in the organising of the Disciplined Agility and Test Driven Development Training. The feedback from the team was fantastic, the training content and structure was great.  The general consensus from the group was that it was some of the best training they had done… Roger, thank you very much for your time and effort, it was not only extremely informative but the guys had fun as well.

From a former colleague:

Roger has demonstrated a deep insight that comes from years as a software engineer practicing Scrum and teaching others. He has extensive experience helping teams overcome diverse challenges and always received rave reviews from our client for his effective leadership.

From a V.P. at CitiGroup:

Roger has provided agile workshops and ongoing mentoring of agile software development methods to our project teams new to agile methods for a period of approximately two years. In addition, he has provided numerous agile topic seminars on specialized agile practices such as Test Driven Development, Acceptance Testing, and Pair Programming. Roger has been instrumental in helping us to establish a good foundation for using disciplined agility across the organization and I highly recommend him to others wishing to increase their adoption of agile methods.

From a former colleague:

[Roger] has developed and provided interactive training programs to our internal CIBER employees as well as our customers. He is always well received as a trainer and consistently receives positive feedback on his training material and presentation style.

Roger has a strong passion for Scrum and this is evidenced by his commitment to its values and principles in his work, training sessions, and involvement in the Scrum community. He has a unique ability to apply critical thinking and his real world experiences to his classroom content.

From the training coordinator at the Ciber, Inc. Global Service Center in Bangalore:

Thanks a lot for anchoring Agile Estimation program here at India GSC- Bangalore. We have received tremendous response and a great feedback on the program…

Barclays Global Investors:

“This is a must-have for someone struggling to introduce Scrum to their organization/team. One comes out so much richer with ideas and solutions. Kudos to Roger!”


The CSM course exceeded my expectations for content, delivery, team dynamics, and fun! I thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from this experience!

Raptr Inc:

Roger turned me from a skeptic to a firm believer in Scrum and Agile, eager to effect change in my organization.

Independent Consultant:

Roger made it fun to learn!

Thomas at NetApp about the CSPO course:

Fantastic use of one consistent use case to illustrate and reinforce the Scrum PO concepts.